The mission of The Modern Knitter is to be a place that knitters come to be inspired to create classic and timeless pieces with a modern touch. The unique knitting patterns knitters find here combine centuries old knitting techniques with updated designs. The Modern Knitting patterns showcase clean lines, creative functionality and strive to be a delightful experience for knitters to use. Knitters will find an assortment of modern takes on handbags, backpacks, wearables and home goods that are truly one of a kind.

When searching for patterns online it often feels like you are sifting through the same knit items except in different colors, looking for a needle in a haystack. Another scarf? Another pair of socks? Why do some knitting patterns just seem so clunky? The goal of The Modern Knitter is to create original modern knitting patterns that are functional and durable with a unique minimalist style.

These modern patterns are designed to be timeless pieces that you keep for many years to come. They are modern classics that will not go out of style.